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A long time in the making, these special cutting boards feature meticulous depictions of some of our favorite places on Cape Cod. Each detail was carefully thought out and added to the design with both the local and visitor in mind. This board is perfect for a wedding gift, impressing your friends at a dinner party, or even displaying as artwork in your home.


The board dimensions are 12" L x 16" W x 0.75" thick. It is handcrafted from solid Canadian hardwood maple. The backside is blank for cutting to preserve the beauty of the front side. 


These boards have been sealed with culinary grade, all natural oil and wax to protect the wood. This should be done periodically to prevent cracking of the wood. Olive oil, coconut oil, mineral oil or walrus oil (what we use) will suffice. These boards are hand-wash only (not dishwasher safe) with mild dish soap and water. We prefer to scrub ours with lemon and salt to clean.


Cape Cod Engraved Cutting Board

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