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Support local environmentally focused nonprofits.

We wanted to create a meaningful piece of jewelry to reflect upon good times, evoke your fondest memories of the sand, the ocean, the wind, and the waves, BUT NOW to also have a PURPOSE. For each design we have partnered with a local environmentally focused organizations and donate two dollars per bracelet.

Two dollars from every bracelet sale is donated to local causes that help support our oceans beaches and environment.

Jewelry that not only has a purpose and meaning but two dollars from every sale will be donated to multiple causes:

CAPE COD - Association to Preserve Cape Cod X Cape Cod Chokers

WHALE TAIL - IFAW X Cape Cod Chokers

TURTLE - National Marine Life Center X Cape Cod Chokers

SNOWY OWL - Birdsey Cape Wildlife Center X Cape Cod Chokers

WAVE - Center for Coastal Studies X Cape Cod Chokers

SHARK - Atlantic White Shark Conservancy X Cape Cod Chokers

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