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This deep purple piece of Wampum was found here on Cape Cod and prong set in 100% recycled argentium silver* with a wavy surprise on the backside. I have hung this pendant from a thicker style 18" sterling chain due to the size and weight of the necklace. Please see all photos (dime for sizing).

In the 17th century, Wampum shell was extremely valuable to the Massachusetts tribe, the Wampanoag. You may have heard of one of the tribe chiefs before; Squanto. The shells were used as currency. The deeper the purple of the shell, the more value it held. Like sea glass, wearing wampum shell jewelry is wearing a piece of history. Wampum comes from the Quahog shell.

This necklace will be shipped in a gift box via USPS First Class Mail.


*Argentium Sterling Silver (93.5%) contains more silver than traditional Sterling Silver (92.5%), and has the addition of germanium. It's properties makes it far more tarnish resistant than Sterling Silver, and brighter. It is made from 100% recycled silver, so like sea glass, it is Eco-friendly.

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Prong Set Wampum Wave Necklace

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