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Classic and timeless sea glass dangles that are appropriate for year round wear, dress up or dress down! These sweet earrings are minimalist and allow the sea glass to take center stage. All components are made from recycled argentium silver. Each piece of sea glass has been handpicked, matched (as closely as possible) and carefully hand drilled. Jump rings are welded closed.


This sea glass was found in California.


The earrings are approximately 1-2" in length from the bottom of the ear wire, dependent on sea glass size. Please choose a letter corresponding to the pair you would like in the photos from the drop down menu. Dime in photos for sizing.


*Argentium Sterling Silver (93.5%) contains more silver than traditional Sterling Silver (92.5%), and has the addition of germanium. It's properties makes it far more tarnish resistant than Sterling Silver, and brighter. It is made from 100% recycled silver, so like sea glass, it is Eco-friendly.

Copyright © 2021 Brittany Russo, Kiya Marie Designs. I reserve all reproduction rights. No work may be reproduced in any manner, or derivative copy made.

Sea Glass Dangle Earrings

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