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This design was born from a challenge hosted by Meg Carter in 2016, using a poem to inspire artists to design what they saw through the poem. I decided to use all recycled argentium silver in my design. The sea glass comes from an island in the San Francisco Bay in CA (yellow centerpiece) and was probably a piece of depression era dish ware. The bright blues and greens come from Northern California. I have added two abalone cabochons for accent. Each piece of sea glass is encased in a fine silver and argentium silver bezels. The four "bubbles" have been hand fused out of argentium and hammered for texture. This is a statement necklace and measures 4" in width from end to end. The chain is 20" making the necklace 24" in total. The chain can be attached to any link to be work longer or shorter. It is argentium silver and sterling silver. Please see below for the poem and the ideas behind my design! 


the sun no longer wept
its tears cleansing the land
rivulets cascading gurgled
filling thirsty creekbeds
cracked furrows created over time
now bubbled sparkly bright
green sprouts battling dead earth
win and burst forth soft fronds
greeting the chirp of eager wings
flapping and remembering enthusiasm
while the long shadows of dusk
wait intrepidly for a new day

~ Dawn Whitehand ©2015

I took a more literal approach using the poem. Originally, I had envisioned a complete different design, but as I got going, it took on its own mind and shape. As I was reading the poem, I was imagining what to use for sea glass. The first piece that came to mind was the yellow that I used as a centerpiece. It was absolutely perfect; housing a pattern that flowed across it like a sunrise. As I read down further, “bubbled sparkling bright” put the color blue into my mind. I found the brightest of blues and laid them inside my “bubbles.” The bright greens represent the “green sprouts,” that burst into daisies. In short, my piece represents the light of the sun shining upon the natural beauty of the Earth, giving hope and life with the touch of every ray, even on the darkest of days.

*Argentium Sterling Silver (93.5%) contains more germanium than traditional Sterling Silver (92.5%). It's properties makes it far more tarnish resistant than Sterling Silver, and brighter. It is made from 100% recycled silver, so like sea glass, it is Eco-friendly.

*For information on the rarity of this sea glass, please visit

Copyright © 2016 Brittany Russo, Kiya Marie Designs. I reserve all reproduction rights. No work may be reproduced in any manner, or derivative copy made.

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