These cutting boards are made from hard olive wood imported from Italy and Tunisia. Older, non-fruit producing olive trees are used in the making of these boards. Olive wood is a very hard wood, non-porous and anti-bacterial, unlike less expensive woods such as bamboo. It is beautiful and long lasting.


These boards measure 11.8" in length from the end of the handle and 6" in width at the widest point. 


Each has been carefully designed with pigmented epoxy resin created to mimic an ocean effect. This process is done in several layers over several days. Please allow for imperfections due to the handmade nature of this item. The resin art on these boards is done on Cape Cod. These boards were carefully sanded to remove excess resin, and sealed with culinary grade, all natural oil and wax to protect the wood. This should be done periodically to prevent cracking of the wood. These boards are hand-wash only (not dishwasher safe) with mild dish soap and water.


I have 2 boards available to choose from. Board 1 (1st photo), Board 2 (2nd photo). These can be picked up locally in Sandwich or shipped. 

Small Olive Wood Cutting Boards